DFW 6000 Cremator

Simply the smart move

The DFW 6000 Cremator is the latest highly compact cremator of the DFW product range. The secondary combustion zone is situated around the main cremator chamber and as a consequence, the gas consumption and height of the DFW 6000 is minimised. The DFW 6000 is a 'warm input' cremator and can be supplied as 'single' or 'double ended'. The DFW 6000 is designed for a capacity of approximately 1,200 to 1,800 cremations per year. In order to minimise on installation time, the cremator is delivered fully assembled.

Integrated Loading System
For safe charging the cremator is equipped with a fully automated, integrated loading system.

User Friendly
As a result of the unique DFW Control System, the cremator and filtration installation are easy to operate. The cremation process is automatically controlled. Any changes needed to be made to the cremation process can be made using the individual touch screen.

Through the highly reliable continuous measuring of O2 temperatures and draught, a continuous cremation process is obtained, thus achieving an economic gas consumption. Due to the controlled cremation processes, the maintenance costs are kept at a very low level.

High quality, low investment and excellent performance in the field of gas consumption make DFW 6000 the logical choice.

Technical Data DFW 6000

Entire cremator single end:
2300 x 3100 x 3875 mm (wxhxl)
Entire cremator double end:
2300x3100x4155 mm (wxhxl)
Cremation Chamber:
1100 x 800 x 2300 mm (wxhxl)
Secondary combustion
chamber volume: 3.05 m3
Residence time in secondary
combustion chamber: 2 sec.
Door of cremator: 1100 x 780 mm (wxh)
Total weight of cremator 16,500 kg

Main gas burner:
300 kW max. / 30 kW min.
Environmental burner:
300 kW max. / 30 kW min.
Average gas consumption at
6 consecutive cremations: 15 m3/cremation


Number of cremations per day: 6
Maximum weight of coffin: 250 kg
Maximum coffin dimensions:
1005 x 740 x 2200 mm (wxhxl)
Combustion air: 1600 Nm3/h

DFW Europe Control system Thermocouples:
2 x NiCrNi Type K
O2 content after combustion chamber: 6 % min.
Oxygen measurement: Xendos 2700
Draught in Cremation chamber: 10-50 Pascal