DFW Europe B.V.

DFW Europe B.V.

Combustion Solutions Limited have a long standing relationship with DFW Europe BV, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of crematoria equipment. We include a short history on DFW including the company, it's products, and how our two companies work together.

DFW Europe BV was formed in 1968 by the merger of two companies, each with many years specialist experience in the manufacture and supply of crematoria equipment, namely, All Europe BV and DFW BV.

All Europe BV had for many years supplied cremators manufactured in the USA. They also designed and manufactured ancillary crematoria equipment such as high-spreed ash processors, electro-hydraulic lifting and loading trolleys and highly automated control systems, to complement these US products.

DFW BV provided a manufacturing and technical appreciation to the operation by ensuring the electrical wiring and gas trains met EU standards.

The co-operation of these two companies allowed DFW Europe BV to become a major supplier in its home market of The Netherlands. DFW BV acquired All Europe and became DFW Europe BV and this pooling of resources and technical expertise, resulted in them gaining an increased market share overall and in 2003-2004, of the 10 tenders let in The Netherlands for crematoria equipment, 9 were won by DFW Europe BV.

They have been designing and building filtration plant, for either new supply or retro-fitting to existing plant, since 1999 and have operational sites throughout the EU. The design of their 'packed bed' filter uses no additives at any stage of the operation and consequently, produces no hazardous waste requiring specialist disposal. (There is a more complete description of the filter system elsewhere on this site).

Since the success of 2003-2004 DFW Europe have continued to develop markets within the EU and since the appointment of a Sales Director of renowned international experience, they are now active in other parts of the world.

Former Combustion Solutions Sales Director, Arthur Dobbin, has been involved since the early days of all DFW Europe BV and the additional technical input from Combustion Solutions Managing Director, Peter James, has enhanced an already solid working relationship.