Who We Are

What we do and Why we do it

Service contracts
Combustion Solutions Limited was formed in order to offer a service to users of crematoria equipment, irrespective of the machines origins of manufacture.

Until we arrived every manufacturer looked after their own machines and could essentially charge what they considered was a going rate for the job. This unhealthy 'cartel' situation not only led to some indifferent service provision, but also protrayed the business as a specialist service only they, the manufacturers, could provide. Combustion Solutions Limited decided to change all that. And for the better.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts
This type of contract ties the site in question to regular service visits at a frequency determined by discussion with the client and our representatives.

These visits usually take place at monthly, quarterly or half-yearly intervals. The pricing is based on the number of units on site, which in turn determines the number of days spent on site and usually this part of the service is a fixed price.

Spare parts used and minor repairs carried out during the service visit are charged separately and only with managment approval. Even so these can by their very unpredictable nature, become an unforeseen and sometimes unexpected and unwanted, expenditure, but something which our Partnership contract is designed to address.

Following each visit a Service Managers Report is submitted. This highlights any faults found, anything we feel needs to be kept under observation and any recommended works to be carried out and areas needing attention.

The Partnership

The Partnership contract is tailor made to meet the specific requirement of each individual site, with the big difference of having a fixed monthly charge including spares, emergency repairs and call-outs. Fixed costs and no surprises.

A partnership contract is based on being pre-emptive rather than reactive. The system has been used successfully for a number of years in other industries, including production and manufacturing where availability of equipment is vital. This idea translates perfectly to your crematorium.

A service engineer visits site each month, usually for a half or one day, dependant upon the number of cremators on site, to undertake checks, calibrations and minor servicing tasks.

At a quarterly visit a more 'in depth' service takes place where prescribed tasks are carried out to a schedule based on the manufacturers servicing instructions and our experience.

The engineer's service checklist is not just a tick box requirement, it necessitates information, which can only be provided by working on the item concerned and obtaining that information.

The half yearly and annual visits work along the same lines but deal with any other anillary items of plant such as ID and combustions air fans, air extraction systems and the like.

Where specialist knowledge is required, contractors are bought in to survey and advise. Any repairs expected in the following twelve months, including refractory work, can be programmed and the costs scheduled into the monthly fee. The responsibility of taking care of the mechanical equipment on site is taken on by Combustion Solutions Limited and allows the crematorium manager to focus on managing the crematorium.

All this for one fixed price paid monthly. No surprises when the budget may be running a little low. No more unwanted discussions with the finance officer and the peace of mind of knowing that by being pre-emptive rather than reactive, you are in control of everything, and know to the penny what your budget requirement will be for next year.

Why we do it
The purpose of planned preventative maintenance is summed up quite simply. The objective is to maximise the availability of the plant and minimise down time of cremators.