DFW 8000 Cremator

The largest Cremator of the DFW product range is the robust, highly compact, DFW 8000. This cremator was especially designed in 2002 to perform 8 cremations or more in one cremator within a normal working day. The DFW 8000 is a 'warm input' cremator, which makes it extremely energy efficient. The DFW 8000 Cremator is designed to undertake > 1,800 cremations per year. The DFW 8000 will be installed in the Crematorium fully assembled.

Integrated Loading System
For safe charging the cremator can be equipped with a fully automatic integral loading system as shown on the DFW 6000.

User Friendly
As a result of the unique DFW control system, the cremator and filtration installation are very easy to operate. With just a few actions the cremation process is started completely automatically, shown on the touch screen. Possible changes to the cremation process can easily be made with the same operating screen.

The efficient control system is regulated via the highly reliable continuous measuring of O2, temperatures and draught. This ensures a controlled cremation is achieved repeatedly with a minimum gas consumption. Due to the controlled cremation process, the maintenance costs are kept at a very low level. High quality and excellent performance in the field of gas consumption make the DFW 8000 the logical choice. 



Technical data DFW 8000

Entire cremator:
2640 x 2985 x 4830 mm (wxhxl)
Cremation chamber:
1100 x 800 x 2800 mm (wxhxl)
Secondary combustion
chamber volume: 3.05 m3
Resident time in after
combustion chamber: 2 sec.
Door of cremator:
1100 x 800 mm (wxh)
Total weight of cremator:
25,000 kb

Main gas burner: 300 kW max. / 30 kW min.
Environmental burner: 300 kW max. / 30 kW min.
Mineralisation burner: 300 kW max. / 30 kW min.
Average gas consumption: 12.5 m3 / cremation
Temperature in After
combustion chamber: >800 / 850 °C
Temperature in cremation chamber
before loading: <400/450 C